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Care & Maintenance


Daily (or even occasional) use of a shower enclosure will cause residue build-up on both the glass and aluminum. To maintain the shower enclosure’s shine and clarity, we recommend that all glass and aluminum be wiped down after each use. The best tools to use are a squeegee and a towel. After the glass is wiped down, it’s best to wipe the aluminum with a towel and touch-up the glass. Occasionally, we recommend you clean the glass with either an alcohol or ammonia based glass cleaner. These cleaners should also be safe for use on the aluminum, but always refer to the label for proper usage.

WBS Professional Glass Cleaner

WBS Glass Cleaner is custom-formulated to professionally clean and polish your shower doors, mirrored wardrobe doors, windows and windshields without leaving any film behind.

For institutional, commercial and industrial use.

Contains no ozone depleting chemicals.

Abrasive Cleaner

We do not recommend using abrasive cleaners that can scratch or cause defects to either the glass or the aluminum. We only recommend using cleaners that are intended to be used on glass or aluminum. That is why we created WBS professional glass cleaner specially formulated to care for your glass.


WBS Offers EnduroShield™

WBS offers EnduroShield™, a professional strength glass coating applied by WBS or available in an easy to use DIY (do-it-yourself) kit. EnduroShield™ is a revolutionary invisible treatment that repels water, soap scum, grime and dirt on glass, tiles and stainless steel which will reduce your cleaning time by up to 90%. Water will bead on the s\urface demonstrating its repellent nature. When professionally applied by WBS, EnduroShield™ provides a 10-year performance warranty. When applied using the DIY kit, EnduroShield™ provides a 3-year performance warranty. EnduroShield™ is independently tested and certified for durability. The largest glass fabricators and manufacturers around the world rely on EnduroShield™ as the industry-leading solution.

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